Local John C. Maxwell Partner Supports Leadership Through Crisis

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We are leadership and personal development geeks. We love steeping ourselves in folks who value service and who rally the world to give it their best to put their best foot forward.

One such soul is John C. Maxwell. He’s basically a preacher who found his true higher calling as a secular Leadership Development guru. Having followed him on some level since 2008, we find his definition of leadership as influence and of a leader’s purpose as being to serve others, as well as his knack for asking excellent questions deeply fortifying.

Last week, John hosted a series of Livestreams called “Leading Through Crisis: Virtual Leadership Summit”

He also offers daily inspirations; A Minute with Maxwell.

It’s kind of like a “Church of Leadership as Service,” He’s humbling, inspirational and a good storyteller. It helps.

From the Global Message to Local Support…

Honestly, though, we wouldn’t have realized those events were happening if it weren’t for our friend, John C. Maxwell partner, Deb Ingino. Deb didn’t introduce us to Maxwell, and honestly we’ve learned more from her deep experience independent of that affiliation, but we knew we’d found a kindred spirit the first time she mentioned his name.

Deb is now offering her own mastermind session:

Long Island Leading Through Crisis – An Online Leadership Roundtable

We hope you can join Deb Ingino and other business leaders as we learn to become better leaders together and face the challenges of today,

When: 4-5:30pm Monday April 6th through Thursday April 9th

To Register: Go to the Eventbrite Page

This is not a selling event for Deb, this is a serving event from her to the Long Island community. Therefore there is no cost and it is considered a “private” event. Please register so she can email you the online connection link, the phone number access option and your participant guide.

Main Street News is a Must-Read: What’s Open, How Folks Are Doing, What You Can Do.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. Vision Long Island, one of our region’s strongest advocates for Main Street is now releasing daily issues of their new Main Street News. as it endeavors to keep up with events as they unfold. Check out their website. Follow their Facebook.

It’s a sobering, comprehensive review of important, information that includes a range of local initiatives, resources and ways you can help.

There’s news about what’s open, how folks are doing and whatever they can find to help folks weather the storm.

So go there and get informed. In general, some updated ideas that have seemed good to us include:

  1. Find your favorite local businesses on social media. Call them on the phone See what they’re doing. Buy their stuff.
  2. Buy Gift Certificates. Consider simply sending a donation to your favorite local business
  3. Restaurants are closed, but many can still do takeout/delivery. This article, which seems very well resourced, helped us feel informed and a lot safer about doing that!
  4. Realize many of these places care about their own health, your health and the community more than most ever realized. Know that many local shops are going out of their way to safely keep on keeping on — Much of Main Street — not just the eateries — are now offering curbside service and even delivery. Look up their website/social media. Even if they aren’t advertising it, call them to inquire!
  5. Special events are hugely important for organizations. Had an event cancelled? Send a donation! You can check our newsletter archives to find 100s of great local organizations
  6. Strongly consider supporting policy proposals that directly support individuals, small businesses and local governments. While they are going out of their way to come up with creative means of keeping going, there is only so much they can do,
  7. Just be kind — Especially to the cashiers, service providers and others working through this. Just. Be. Kind.

How Are You?

“Do your little bit of good wherever you are. It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

                                                                ~ Desmond Tutu

We hope this note finds you well, and that whatever challenges you’re facing soon pass.

We know there are a lot of them, and, while we’re busily doing the “chin-up” up thing and the “calmly carrying on thing,” interspersed with the “life is a joke so you’d best find something to laugh about — quick! — thing,” we’ve also been doing a lot of silent reflection, holding space, checking in, feeling powerless, frustrated and frightened…and sending long, deep virtual hugs.

We’ve spent a great deal of time lately counting our blessings, sharing what good we can find, and praying for so many who require so much more.

Among those blessings is knowledge that, in the face of extraordinary pain, there are so many stepping up to serve others, to be some kind of hero and to even dare to dream up how we might transform our current crisis into a brighter future for all. More than we could ever count, much less keep track of.

This is good news.

As always, this is but a sampling of people and organizations that we are blessed to have some personal familiarity with. We invite you to use it as a resource and an inspiration to seek out others.

Let us know what’s going on and of other items worth sharing. Together, we will all get through this. As we do, we will regularly update our Facebook Page

We are grateful for all the good you do.

It matters. Deeply.

Thank you.

Katie and Trudy

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